This information refers to the course of A.Y. 2021/2022


  • 1 From web applications to web services: RESTful web services. Definition of a RESTful web service. Introduction of a RESTful web service into an existing web application. RESTful web services on the Java Platform: tools and technologies. RESTful web services on the PHP Platform: tools and technologies.
  • 2 Developing true Web 2.0 applications: rich client-side programming with JQuery. JQuery plugin development basics.


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Course Slides

The course is currently given in Italian. The following slide sets contain an English translation of all the slides used during the course lectures. Such a translation is the first result of a long and complex adaptation work. Therefore, the slides may still contain some errors, typos and poorly readable statements. I'll do my best to refine them, but it takes time. Suggestions are always appreciated! TERMS OF USE: This material has been compiled for the students of the Web Engineering course. Since knowledge *should* be considered everyone's heritage, my slides are available to anyone who wants to study the web application development techniques. However, the material provided on this pages *cannot* be used, even in part, for other purposes, for example as educational material in other courses, without my explicit permission and without citing the source. The knowledge must be free, but the work must be paid, even only with a 'thank you'.


This section contains links to (free) applications used in the course

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