The spatial relation formalism and the SRQL language have been implemented within the SRQ (Spatial Relation Query) software tool.

The tool is provided with a graphical front-end which allows to define and manage a library of spatial relations, compose and execute queries, and export the extracted information for further analysis and manipulation. The overall organization of the SRQ tool is shown in figure below.

tool interface

The application uses a plugin system to interface with several different visual data sources and build the corresponding box model. In particular, the SRQ tool is composed of two interacting modules:

  • the Spatial Relation Editor
  • the Spatial Relation Query Executor

These modules share the access to a spatial relation library which contains the basic building blocks of the query language.

The SRQ tool is suitable to be used both by novel or experienced users. The former users may take advantage of the user-friendly interface and the natural query paradigm of the tool to accomplish their searches. The latter ones may fully exploit the integrated power of the tool and of the SRQL language by both appropriately customizing the spatial relations and extensively using visual, textual and structural constraints in the queries.

The current prototype application has been developed in Java with the support of  ANTLR for the spatial relation compiler and query interpreter.