Marco Autili

Dipartimento di Ingegneria e Scienze dell'Informazione e Matematica (DISIM)
Università dell'Aquila
Via Vetoio, 67100 L'Aquila (Italy)


  • CHOReOSynth project web pages CHOReOSynth is a set of tools to automatically synthesize an automata-based specification of the coordination logic out of a BPMN2 choreography specification, and to distribute it between the choreography participants

  • CHAMELEON project web pages CHAMELEON is a framework for tailoring adaptable Java applications for resource-constrained devices and can be used for tackling a form of adaptation to the execution context

  • SYNTHESIS Tool SYNTHESIS is a tool for automatically synthesizing failure-free connectors for component-based systems

  • Property Seuqence Charts PSC is a simple and expressive language for specifying temporal properties as sequence charts