Prossimi Seminari di Geometria a L'Aquila 2017

3 Ottobre, ore 12:30, aula A1.3, Coppito 0

Conferenziere: Margherita Lelli Chiesa, Università dell'Aquila

Titolo: Curves on K3 surfaces

Abstract: I will report on both classical and more recent results concerning curves lying on K3 surfaces, highlighting their relevance in the study of the birational geometry of the moduli space of algebraic curves of fixed genus. Nikulin surfaces, that is, K3 surfaces endowed with a nontrivial double cover branched along eight disjoint rational curves, play a similar role at the level of the moduli space of Prym curves parametrizing étale double covers of curves of fixed genus. I will mention current work in this direction joint with Knutsen and Verra.


24 Ottobre, ore 12:30 aula A1.3, Coppito 0

Conferenziere: Giuseppe Pipoli, Università dell'Aquila

Titolo:  Inverse mean curvature flow in complex hyperbolic space

Abstract: During last decades, the study of geometric flows is a very active field in geometry and analysis. The inverse mean curvature flow is perhaps the most important among the expanding flows, with deep meaning in general relativity too. We will discuss the evolution of a star-shaped closed and mean convex hypersurface in the complex hyperbolic space, showing similarities and differences with the previous cases. The main new phenomenon is that, in our case, the induced metric


Seminari (passati) di Geometria a L'Aquila 2017

13 Giugno, ore 14.30 aula C1.9  (Coppito 2)

Conferenziere: Francesco Mercuri, Universidade Estadual  de Campinas  & Università dell'Aquila

Titolo: Una breve storia della congettura generalizzata di Poincaré e questioni connesse

Sunto: La congettura generalizzata di Poincaré puó essere enunciata come segue:
Sia M^n una varietà omotopicamente equivalente alla sfera S^n. Allora M^n = S^n.
In questo seminario discuteremo alcune risposte note per questa questione ed alcuni  problemi aperti,
specialmente relazionati al significato di varietà  ed a quello di  M^n = S^n.


30 Maggio, ore 14.30 aula C1.10 (Coppito 2)

Conferenziere: Giuseppe Tinaglia, King's College London

Titolo: The geometry of constant mean curvature surfaces in Euclidean space.

Sunto: In this talk I will begin by reviewing classical geometric
properties of constant mean curvature surfaces, H>0, in R^3. I will then
talk about several geometric results for surfaces embedded in R^3 with
constant mean curvature, such as curvature and radius estimates for
simply-connected surfaces embedded in R^3 with constant mean curvature.
Finally I will show applications of such estimates including a
characterisation of the round sphere as the only simply-connected
surface embedded in R^3 with constant mean curvature and area estimates
for compact surfaces embedded in a flat torus with constant mean
curvature and finite genus. This is joint work with Meeks.


16 Maggio 2017, ore 14.30, aula A1.4 (Coppito 0)

Conferenziere: Vlad Moraru, Universita' dell'Aquila

Titolo: Interaction between minimal surfaces and scalar curvature.

Sunto: In the late 1970s R. Schoen and S.T. Yau discovered a deep
connection between the sign of the scalar curvature of a 3-manifold M
and the topology of stable minimal surfaces contained in M; namely that
non-negative ambient scalar curvature is an obstruction to the
topological richness of stable minimal surfaces contained in M. I will
explain this relationship and survey various old and new rigidity
results following from it. Among these, I will discuss recent joint work
with O. Chodosh and M. Eichmair. which confirms a conjecture by
Fischer-Colbrie-Schoen and Cai-Galloway: A complete 3-manifold with
non-negative scalar curvature and containing an area-minimising cylinder
is flat.