Amabile Tatone DISIM  -  Università degli Studi dell'Aquila

Research projects

Motility and locomotion

[started in October 2011]

Contact interaction described by short range surface forces

[started in July 2007]

Vitreous liquefaction and induced traction on the retina

[started in January 2007]

Growth mechanisms in the evolution of saccular aneurysms

[started in February 2006; closed in 2009]

Blood flow through a curved artery

[started in 2003; closed in 2006]

Stress, hyperstress and equipowerful force distributions

[started in 2000; closed]

Piezoelectric patches for beam vibration damping

[started in 1999; closed in 2006]

Multilayered beams with distensible thickness

[started in 1998; closed]

Older projects

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