Current Projects
Former Projects
  • INCIPICT: Innovating City Planning through Information & Communications Technologies

    The main objective of the INCIPICT Project is the construction of an experimental optical network to build a MAN – Metropolitan Area Network – that consists in an Optical Ring to connect the main and the most important sites of L’Aquila City. INCIPICT represents the context for testing advanced and pervasive wireless technologies, necessary to prepare the support layer for innovative applications and provides research on techniques solutions for reduction of energy consumption and increase of transmission speed (and bandwidth). INCIPICT also aims at developing a specific middleware that allows abstracting the components of the heterogeneous network and offering uniform access methods as independent as possible from the specific underlying technology.
  • SafeCOP: Safe Cooperating Cyber-Physical Systems using Wireless Communication

    SafeCOP addresses safety-related cooperating cyber-physical systems, characterised by use of wireless communication, multiple stakeholders, dynamic system definitions, and unpredictable operating environments. SafeCOP refers to such systems-of-systems as Cooperative Open Cyber-Physical Systems (CO-CPS). It is assumed that no single stakeholder has the overall responsibility over the CO-CPS, that the cooperation relies on the wireless communication to perform a safety function, and that security and privacy issues are of concern. SafeCOP targets systems that are of the following three types: (1) use inter-system communication to reach a common goal; (2) rely on communicated information from the other systems in order to ensure safe and/or efficient operation; (3) provide services that may compromise safety if the communication fails. SafeCOP will address all the above target systems in automotive, healthcare, maritime and weather use cases.
  • AQUAS: Aggregated QUality Assurance for Systems

    The AQUAS project investigates the challenges arising from the inter-dependence of safety, security and performance of systems and aims at efficient solutions for the entire product life-cycle within three essential capabilities of the ECSEL JU MASRIA 2016: Design Technologies (DT), Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), and European Asset Protection (EAP). The project builds on knowledge of partners gained in current or former EU projects and will demonstrate the newly conceived approaches across six use cases spanning Space, Medicine, Transport and Industrial Control.