Our seminar


Full Professors:

· Barbara Nelli: differential geometry, geometric analysis, analytical and geometrical problems related with constant mean curvature surfaces in three dimensional homogeneous manifolds, higher symmetric curvature functions of hypersurfaces in riemannian manifolds.

· Carlo Maria Scoppola: group theory, representations and characters of finite groups, p-groups and pro-p groups.

Associate Professors:

· Lucio Bedulli: (complex) differential geometry. In particular: geometric flows and solitons; geometry of special structures; Hamiltonian actions on symplectic manifolds and Lagrangian submanifolds.

· Maria Lucia Fania: algebraic geometry. In particular: projective techniques of classification and special varieties, linear systems and adjoint maps, varieties of small codimension, Hilbert schemes.

· Alessandro Fedeli: set-theoretic topology, topological and symbolic dynamics.

· Norberto Gavioli: group theory, finite p-groups, nilpotent groups, pro-p groups, pro-finite groups, graded Lie algebras, modular Lie algebras and their representations, character and representation theory of finite groups.

· Anna Guerrieri: commutative algebra, Noetherian rings, blowup algebras, invariants of ideals with specific structures.

· Anna Tozzi


· Riccardo Aragona:algebraic cryptography. In particular: group theoretical properties of symmetric cryptosystems and algebraic attacks. Group theory. Semigroup theory and applications. Representation theory of finite-dimensional algebras.

· Margherita Lelli Chiesa: algebraic geometry. In particular: moduli spaces of curves, Brill-Noether theory, moduli spaces of sheaves on algebraic surfaces, K3 surfaces, coherent systems.

· Giuseppe Pipoli: differential geometry, geometric analysis, study of geometric flows (for example mean curvature flow and inverse mean curvature flow) of submanifolds in Riemannian manifolds.


· Vlad Moraru: Riemannian geometry, comparison geometry, minimal and constant mean curvature submanifolds, general relativity.