Current Projects
Former Projects
  • HYCON2: Highly-complex and networked control systems

    The FP7 NoE HYCON2, started in September 2010, is a four-year project coordinated by the CNRS. It aims at stimulating and establishing a long-term integration in the strategic field of control of complex, large-scale, and networked dynamical systems. It focuses in particular on the domains of ground and aerospace transportation, electrical power networks, process industries, and biological and medical systems. The Fp7 NoE HYCON2 provides its vision on the challenges of future for systems and control science technology in the following document Position Paper on Systems and Control in FP8.

MAREA: Mathematical approach towards resilience engineering in ATM

Resilience Engineering in ATM supports the development of ATM designs that can resist a wide variety of demands, variations, degradations and disruptions, and it stresses the positive contributions of human operators in attaining this. MAREA aims to develop a mathematical modelling and analysis approach that allows to bring Resilience Engineering at work for the complex ATM system.