Master Degree in Computer Science
Formal Methods (6 credits)


Next written exams (June-July examination session)
I) June 17th, 2019 at 14.00, room A1.6;
II) July 1st, 2019 at 10.00, room A1.6;
III) July 15th, 2019 at 10.00, room A1.6.

Supervision hours:
Thursday (10.00-12.00) at Polo Coppito, Alan Turing building (ex-Blocco 0), second floor, room 216.

Course Syllabus and Bibliography

Look at Lectures Spring 2016 (also valid for Spring 2019)

Some written exams of the past years
Text of the second partial written exam of June 20th. To get the total written exam, just add in the rewriting part:
- in Ex.1 it is also required to give a reduction ordering so that the trs R is terminating;
- in Ex.2 it is also required to i) give a reduction ordering so that the trs R is terminating and ii) check that R is confluent.
All answers must be formally justified.

1/03/2012, 27/06/2012, 24/09/2012, 30/11/2012.

27 June 2011: rewriting, logic.
24 February 2011: rewriting, logic.
10 February 2011: rewriting, logic.
Some exercises on logic and theorem proving: text.

Some past midterm written exams
November 2013: text.
May 2012: text.
December 2010: text.
Some exercises for the partial exam: text.

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